Director of Franchise Development (Remote and/or Waco, TX)

Franchise Recruiting & Development

Job Purpose

The Director of Franchise Development will uphold the highest standards of support for our team, franchisee candidates, franchisors, and broker networks. This person must be skilled in business knowledge and have the ability to influence others while managing human emotion around making life-changing decisions. This person needs to relate very well with others and have the capacity to manage a full pipeline while working many leads at once. This person must have exceptional organizational, communication, and people skills.

Duties and Responsibilities

Franchise Candidate Management

  • Responsible for the entire sales process from getting a new lead to signing the franchise agreement and getting the franchisee handed over to the onboarding team.
  • Ensure the franchise candidate is well informed and properly motivated to purchase a franchise utilizing:
    • Introduction presentations
    • Unit Economics presentations
    • Franchise Disclosure Document reviews
    • Franchise and Leadership validation calls
    • Territory mapping
    • Financing and Legal coaching
  • Ensure franchise validation and leadership calls are well organized, well attended and are delivering the right message.
  • Keep accurate records in the CRM system on candidate profiles, history, conversations and other relevant information in the buying process.
  • FGC’s key leader for all Discovery Days including but not limited to… 
    • Preparing the franchisor and franchisee candidates
    • Ensuring the Sales Support team reserves accommodations
    • Presenting at Discovery Day
    • Managing the overall messaging and call to action post Discovery Day all the way through the signing of the franchise agreement and the closing process

Broker/Franchise Consultant Management

  • Ensure broker networks are fully informed and motivated to recommend your primary brand to their clients through
    • Launch presentations
    • Regular update presentations throughout the year
    • Attending franchise broker conferences
      • In-person presentations to broker networks
    • Frick & Frack - Direct phone calls, emails and texts
    • Developing strong relationships with brokers and being known as someone who treats their clients well and can get candidates to become franchisees
    • Writing and posting deal announcements

Franchisor Management

  • Lead member of FGC who communicates with your primary brand’s leadership team on a regular basis. This includes:
    • Constant communication
    • Updates on franchisee candidates likes, dislikes and hot buttons
    • Influencing the franchisor on how to improve the process and set up a program that is attractive to franchisee candidates
  • Help consultant on improvement through the Franchise Disclosure Documents

Cross brand awareness

  • Depending on lead flow this position may be asked from time to time to assist other brands or projects that are not their primary franchisor brand

Report development

  • Develop the ongoing reports needed to keep the Chief Development Officer informed of leads and lead statuses


  • Degree from a 4-year school or equivalent experience preferred
  • Proven work experience as key leader in an organization with the ability to make difficult decisions, have difficult conversations and influence decision makers
  • Proven work experience in sales with a track record of success
  • Experience in franchising is preferred
  • General business knowledge to explain franchise opportunities
  • Software skills including but not limited to Microsoft Suite, CRM software, territory software, project management software, conferencing software
  • Exceptional communication skills both written and verbal
  • Understanding of business performance metrics
  • Excellent organizational and multitasking skills
  • Ability to work under strict deadlines
  • Ability to work in a fast pace environment
  • Travel experience
  • A team player with high level of dedication

Working Conditions

  • Most duties are done in an office setting or conference setting
  • Travel required

Physical Requirements

  • Minimal physical requirements are required.