Predictable & repeatable results come from a proven process

We believe that the best outcomes are a result of a proven, repeatable Mutual Evaluation Process - designed to determine if our goals are aligned and if your brand is positioned for growth.

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Onboarding with FranGrowth

Our 5 Step Process ensures that your brand is launched successfully to achieve royalty profitability quickly.


Brand Evaluation - 30 to 45 days

After an introductory call and thorough evaluation of your FDD, we validate support with calls to franchise owners and schedule a Franchise Development Plan Presentation.


Site Visit - 1 day

Our leadership team will schedule a site visit to your headquarters to get a behind-the-scenes look at your operation and meet with your team.


Welcome to FranGrowth

After reviewing and completing the franchise development services agreement, we will schedule a welcome call to assign task ownership for each item of the Development Strategy Buildout.


Development Strategy Buildout - 30 to 45 days

We will collect and build franchise development collateral to ensure consistency across overview videos, email campaigns, broker presentations and other marketing materials. FDD recommendations are implemented to prepare the brand for development with FranGrowth.


Launch Development

Lead generation strategy is implemented and broker launch calls are scheduled. Recurring pipeline review calls and Meet the Team Day dates are scheduled. FranGrowth begins working leads and taking candidates through the Mutual Evaluation Process.

If you have an exceptional brand and are ready for real GROWTH, let’s talk.

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